Planes: Fire and Rescue


Directed by: Roberts Gannaway

Written by: Jeffrey M. Howard

Voice Talents of: Dane Cook, Ed Harris, Julie Bowen

The bar has been raised for animated children movies and Planes: Fire & Rescue does not rise to the occasion filled with clichéd, one-dimensional, boring characters with an overused formulaic storyline, there were few highlights for this adult to enjoy. Especially maddening was Lil’ Dipper the clueless star-struck gal who despite being a heroic firefighter main purpose served to hit on Dusty. Most of the script and joke made me roll my eyes, but there were a few jokes I genuinely laughed at. The fire rescue sequences were life-like and more intense than I expected, my 6 year-old-niece was covering her eyes while sitting on the edge of MY seat. The melodic arrangements that played during those roaring forest fires were also a nice break from the mundane storyline. Even if you are a kid at heart, this movie might disappoint, but my niece, who is picky about everything, left the theater thoroughly entertained which is all I really wanted.



Begin Again


Starring: Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo

Written and Directed by: John Carney

John Carney does a great job of creating fully fleshed out characters that you can’t help but root for to succeed. Although a unique pairing, the chemistry between Ruffalo and Knightley is real, sweet, and honest. Adam Levine does his best to play the “bad” boyfriend, but a beard doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a singer first, lovable hunk second, and actor distant third. On the other hand, Knightley surprised me with her sweet coffee house singing voice and proved to be even more versatile performer. No big surprise the music and score are beautiful and engaging, and the way the songs are interweaved with the story is perfectly rhythmic. The entire story unfolds nicely even if it is somewhat predictable, but it’s definitely an enjoyable watch.