Planes: Fire and Rescue


Directed by: Roberts Gannaway

Written by: Jeffrey M. Howard

Voice Talents of: Dane Cook, Ed Harris, Julie Bowen

The bar has been raised for animated children movies and Planes: Fire & Rescue does not rise to the occasion filled with clichéd, one-dimensional, boring characters with an overused formulaic storyline, there were few highlights for this adult to enjoy. Especially maddening was Lil’ Dipper the clueless star-struck gal who despite being a heroic firefighter main purpose served to hit on Dusty. Most of the script and joke made me roll my eyes, but there were a few jokes I genuinely laughed at. The fire rescue sequences were life-like and more intense than I expected, my 6 year-old-niece was covering her eyes while sitting on the edge of MY seat. The melodic arrangements that played during those roaring forest fires were also a nice break from the mundane storyline. Even if you are a kid at heart, this movie might disappoint, but my niece, who is picky about everything, left the theater thoroughly entertained which is all I really wanted.



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