Written and Directed by: Luc Besson

Starring: Scarlett Johansson & Morgan Freeman

Entertaining but confusing is the best way I can describe this movie. I’m not sure if all the scientific parts went over my head or were convoluted to begin with, but the overall message about brain usage hits us over the head with a sledgehammer ten times and it’s not any kind of revolutionary theory. The cinematography tries to be edgy and chaotic to intensify the action sequences but in the end just feels like sloppy disconnected editing. The attempt to make Lucy an interesting character fails, aside from the cute banter with the boyfriend in the beginning, there isn’t any backstory so when she becomes the killer femme fatal it lacks a true motive and all her actions are disjointed. Johansson play the underdeveloped character with her usual charm and is one of the reasons the movie is somewhat successful. As long as you don’t over think Lucy, you will find it a pleasant film, but if you are searching for substance and answers, look elsewhere.



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