When The Game Stands Tall


Directed by: Thomas Carter

Written by: Scott Marshall Smith

Starring: Jim Caviezel, Laura Dern, Alexander Ludwig


This is one of those movies where every important plot detail is given away in the trailer that is even more unnecessary given its clichéd and predictable sports movie plot. The movie is complete with stereotypical tough love dad who only cares about his son wining football record, loving black grandma who is proud her baby is getting out of the bad neighborhood, and superstar jerk who thinks he doesn’t need the team. The only cliché they are missing is the devoted cheerleader girlfriend, and that’s probably because the movie didn’t take the two minutes to develop any female characters outside the supportive wife. Although the football games were executed nicely, there was no suspense because you knew which games they were going to win and lose and all the false build up felt forced. Jim Caviezel gives completely uninspired performance and it’s a wonder how he was able to rally his team back together again since he sleepwalked through every interaction he had with another human being. This was suppose to be an inspirational story about how a team dealt with its first lost in forever, but instead it came off as whiny white kids with problems while it glazed over black kids dealing with actual tough situations.




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