Foreign Movie Fridays

I forgot a throwback review yesterday but decided to add a new feature to my blog: Foreign Movie Fridays.  

And just to show you how weird my taste is  I will start it off with this unique Greek Gem.



This movie was interesting to say the least. Aside from the shaky chopping off heads camera work, it was a brilliant movie. There was no structured plot in the traditional sense,  just really snap shots of three teenagers’ confined lives and how they dealt with being so isolated. The movie at times felt like a mess, but I think that was the point: the messy cohesion of children being trapped by their parents’ ideas. In the end you have a well-made movie that was well acted with an intriguing premise. Avoid if you are a run of the mill, plot must have beginning-middle-end kind of person but if your taste is as eclectic and unusual as mine then give it a go.




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