The Identical


Directed by: Dustin Marcellino

Written by: Howard Klausner

Starring: Blake Rayne, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd


It took everything in my willpower to not walk out of the theater while watching The Identical as it had no redeemable qualities. It’s even more disappointing because they could have taken so many directions with the separated-at-birth songster brothers but choose the most preachy clichéd route instead of choosing to do parallel storylines of how both boys grew up and how the poor one became famous while the preacher kid only dreamed of fame. The script was painful to the ears and for some reason had the character farthest removed from the main action narrating the story, which was irritating especially because she said nothing of value or importance. The knock off Elvis songs were bland and just confused me to as why wasn’t the famous Drexel Hemsley just an Elvis impersonator, since he’s obviously embodied after him. Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd were horribly miscast, while Judd tried her best to be charming, Liotta figured yelling every line with a constipated face is how you portray a preacher. This movie became a chore to watch and felt I should have been paid to endure the longest hour and a half of my life.




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