Throwback Thursday, yet again

Under The Tuscan Sun

Original Release: September 26th, 2003


Written and Directed by: Audrey Wells

Starring: Diane Lane, Sandra Oh

“Under The Tuscan Sun” is your everyday run-of-mill romcom that follows the sad recently dumped girl who goes on a life changing trip plot conventions. The script is subpar filled with cheesy come-ons and things I hope an actual woman would never say or think. The beginning tries to force feed you all the reasons you should sympathize for Frances, but because of the rushed and lazy writing it feels to contrived thus creating an unsympathetic lead. It wasn’t for Diane Lane’s lack of effort; she gave a good life to the very bland uninteresting Frances. Sandra Oh plays the token-minority sidekick adding the perfect amount of generic advice but adding nothing of substance to the film. I don’t expect much from silly little romantic comedies, but still found “Under the Tuscan Sun” to be disappointing and unsatisfying.



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