The Skeleton Twins


Directed by: Craig Johnson

Written by: Mark Heyman & Craig Johnson

Starring: Kristen Wiig & Bill Hader

My eyes were transfixed on the screen from start to finish, fearing I would miss a beat in this darkly funny film. No surprise, Wiig and Hader had perfect brother sister chemistry; the surprise was how they were both able to leave me utterly speechless at the subtle grandeur of their raw performances especially at the darkest parts of the film. The script was biting, rhythmic, relevant and refreshingly honest. I was left wondering how old Milo and Maggie were, a minor detail but it distracted me enough to take me out of the moment especially with Ty Burrell cast their former teacher. The musical score was subdued with the best lip-synched musical number since “Stepmom.” This movie is more than a great character study with two standout performances, it’s a near perfect masterpiece that’s a must-see.



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