No Good Deed


Directed by: Sam Miller

Written by: Aimee Lagos

Starring: Taraji P. Henson & Idris Elba



No Good Deed is a feel good “chick-flick” disguised as a psychological thriller, complete with neglected frumpy housewife, the single best friend, and mysterious sexy stranger. The beginning has a nice slow build till you get to the main action of the film. For once, the woman in danger actually makes smart decisions that fail only to continue to build the suspense, which is frustrating. Elba played the villain with threatening reserve perfectly fitting that of a psychopath while Henson and her horrible wig played the fighting back housewife with the her normal vigor. The camerawork and score try a bit too hard to prove how thrilling it is with suspenseful music and of course it’s pouring rain shots. The story hits all the right, albeit predicable, notes with a way too rushed happy ending, but still packs an enjoyable punch.





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