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Country: Switzerland


Directed by: Ursula Meier Written by:  Antoine Jaccoud, Ursula Meier,  Gilles Taurand Starrring:  Lea Seydoux, Kacey Mottett Klein, Gillian Anderson Sister is the story of the strained relationship between a brother and his older sister. The story slowly inches along with very bland acting from Simon and Louise. Gillian Anderson, playing a tourist, adds a pleasant touch by giving a deeper understanding to Simon and helps you connect with him more. The script starts to pick up somewhere in the middle of film and gives catalyst to a tearful open ending. While the scenic shots of lingering snow and dusty fields versus the luxurious ski resorts further shows the bleakness in Simon and Louise’s lives. The movie as a whole tries too hard to show the fractured relationship of Simon and Louise, which in turns created a very fractured film.



Foreign Film Friday

Children of Heaven

Country: Iran


Written and Directed by: Majid Majidi

Starring: Amir Farrokh Hashem & Bahara Seddiqi

Nothing to make you realize how trivial and inane your first world problems are after watching this subtle humble masterpiece. This sweet story of brother and sister secretly sharing one pair of shoes has just the right amount of heart, drama, laughs, and thrills. They could not have found better child actors to portray Ali and Zahra, and it’s one of the best representations of a brother sister relationship on film. Every time Ali’s big round eyes swelled up so did mine, never have I so easily rooted for a protagonist to get everything he wishes, and his wish was the simplest of all to get a pair of shoes for his sister. Soft stringed instrumentals play throughout adding even more character and charm to this modestly set film. Children of Heaven is definitely not a Hollywood production, but that is what makes it so remarkable, it’s 100% genuine in every regards.