Hector and the Search For Happiness


Directed by:  Peter Chelsom

Written by: Maria Von Heland, Peter Chelsom, & Tinker Lindsay

Starring: Simon Pegg

An intriguing but flawed concept, Hector slaps you in the face repeatedly about what happiness is. The issue: happiness can be different things to different people at different times, and none of Hector’s findings are groundbreaking theories in what makes a person happy: money, food, love, family, etc. Simon Pegg is charming and lovable as Hector, but really only hits the comedic elements of the story. The script is perfectly paced and timed with plenty of laugh out loud moments. The score is superb, mixing in all the right cultural elements from the different countries he visited. The climatic scene was way too predictable and leaned on being very preachy, which soured my like of the movie overall, but still would recommend it to my friends.